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08-02-2004, 09:21 PM
I am converting my tub to a shower on a slab floor. I am in the process of moving the drain and P trap. I rented a jackhammer and made the trench. My question deals with the lower flange of the Oatey drain and how high to set it. The outer edge tapers upwards and is about 5/16" thick. I realize the preslope is supposed to go under that edge. Should I raise it a little to make the preslope thicker and stronger?

By the way John, thanks for signing my book. It is excellent. Most of the other books (and web pages) I looked at had fantasy designs that were unrealistic to me. Also, those instructional books at the big box stores don't have enough detail. Good job with your book and this forum.

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08-02-2004, 09:38 PM
Welcome, Tod. :)

Your pre-slope surface wants to be level with the top surface of that bottom drain flange. Raising the bottom of the flange a little above the surface of the slab is a good thing, as you have correctly surmised.

Be sure to make the surface of the flange level as you glue it on there. You can tweak it a little to correct for any lack of plumb in the riser pipe if necessary, and hold it in place for 30 seconds or so until the glue sets.

John thanks you for buying his book. It's way past his bed time. :)

The rest of us thank you for buying John's book. That makes Patti happy, which makes John happy, which makes things easier to deal with around here in the ol' Moderators' board room. :D

John Bridge
08-03-2004, 04:50 PM
Thanks for your kind words, Tod. :)

CX is the guy who read the manuscript before it went to the printers. He deserves a round of applause . . . or at least a round. :D