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Ron in Idaho
08-02-2004, 08:08 PM

My name is Ron.

My wife & I recently purchased a home built in 1962.

We chose to put down Ceramic tile thru out the house (12x12 tiles)

We thought we would get everything from Home Depot to insure we obtained everything needed for the job, since this was our first time.

Most everyone we have spoken to suggested getting either a concrete "backer-board" or as highly recommended by the folks at Home Depot, Hardibacker to put under the tile.

We recently had a Building Contractor come out to tell us if the Floors were strong enough and level enough to tile thru out the house. He advised me he has done Tile floors in the San Fran area for(I think) around 15 years plus.

He states Hardibacker board nor any other is really needed, it is too costly, and basically doubles your number of edges, making tiles pop or cracking more likely down the road.

This makes sense to me,
but I am also really stressed over the amount of work which is needed before I can begin on this 1,000 square feet of tile.
(as well as having been taken by the Masonary/Contractor guy, Plumber(x2) and Carpenter/Contractor.

:bow: :bow: :confused: :confused:

Really really stressed in Idaho

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John Bridge
08-02-2004, 08:39 PM
Hello Ron. Welcome. ;)

Although the pros who hang around here, myself included, stray from the rules once in a while and often don't agree with one another, we all agree on a few things. One of them is the use of backer board or membrane over a wood floor. The Tile Council of America specifies backerboard, except when plywood floors are specially constructed for direct lay tile, and those floor are always two layers of plywood.

Go with the backer board or with a membrane, and run this guy off your property. :)